Abigail is...


...incurably curious

and a life-long learner with a low boredom threshold, five university degrees and four professional careers--so far.  So many interests; so little time...

Born in the Missouri Ozarks, I now live in the majestic Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, surrounded by the mountains, forests, seasons and history I love so much. Knowing my ancestors settled not far from here in the 1600s makes Virginia feel all the more like home for me.

Rosanne in Downtown Asheville, NC 2002


which drives my love of writing, training, art and other pursuits. 

I've never known a creative person who wasn't creative in multiple ways. Actors paint portraits, poets design jewelry, writers draw caricatures, artists compose music, pianists invent gadgets... Creativity is not merely an impulse; it's a drive. Just ask any creative person. 

A habit of reading 5-6 books a week and a fascination with history and genealogy fuel my passion for writing historical romance novels.

DID YOU KNOW?  My PhD dissertation research established a strong correlation between creativity and intuition. UH-HUH...

Rosanne in Kanab, UT 2017

...easily amused

Sign: Slippery when wet.

Motto: If it ain’t broke, break it.

Philosophy: Fairy tales deserve sequels.

Belief: Happy endings are intentional.


Reader's Challenge...

Where do Abigail Dane's stories come from?

Romance writer Abigail Dane has discovered an untapped source of endless stories—in her

own 17th century ancestors’ adventures at the end of the English Civil War.

Fleeing from Cromwell after the execution of King Charles I for treason  in 1649, brothers John

and Richard Tremaine fled from Cornwall to Barbados. As Royalists related to a now-dead king, the brothers were the first of Abigail Dane’s real ancestors to arrive in the “New World, where

they would found a new dynasty.

Her first historical romance series follows the romantic adventures of the brothers and their friends as they encounter vengeful pirates, deceitful black widows, female valets in disguise,

lady highway robbers, spitfire virgins, greedy abductors, determined duelists and other intriguing characters. After much ado about something, her heroes find bliss with women who amuse, amaze and challenge them—in bed and out.

Inspired by Abigail’s own family history, her characters are real; and her much-loved, multi-awarded stories are everything a great story should be: amusing, poignant, touching, thrilling-- 

and spicy-sweet as ginger. 

Your challenge as a reader?  

Read these stories without wanting to…


... CRY


The Whitleigh series books

The Whitleigh series books